Thursday, 19 July 2012

Holiday Essentials!

Okay, so seen as its summer (apparently) everyones probably heading off into the sun! So ive put together some goodies id never go abroad without, maybe give you some ideas. Enjoy!
Sheer Blonde highlight activating shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner for light blondes. If like me, you're sporting blonde highlights, you'll want to keep them as enhanced as possible between colourings, this stuff's not too pricey and does the job, I think its something like £5 or £6 a bottle. I love that it doesnt make your blonde go too harsh or brassy. The sun tends to lighten hair, and used with this can really brighten up your highlights, the down side to sun exposure to your hair.. it becomes dry and damaged, so i use a spray in leave-in conditioner to keep it hydrated.
Morrocan Argan Oil. This seems to be a new craze that everyones talking about, Morrocan oil is a natural substance used from argan trees, its used on the hair to help repair damage and add shine, argan oil is like an intense moisture for the hair and is perfect for when the hair is exposed to excessive sun light, if you have bleached hair, its probably more prone to damage, so this product's a beauty!
Its always important to protect the skin from sun exposure! I use a high factor sun cream for the first few days to ensure i dont burn to a crisp! But when my skins had a chance to adapt to the climate change, i switch to a tan intensifier, it has a factor 15, but still lets the sun get to the skin enough to tan well.
Sun-shine UV protection styling spray I cant stand what the sun, sea and chlorine can do to your hair, so I desperately try to protect it as best as i can, this spray acts like a barrier for your hair, so its perfect for all holiday conditions.
Rimmel wake me up foundation Okay, so usually I dont like wearing heavy foundation when im abroad, so i tend to opt for BB cream or a tinted moisturiser, but i just love this foundation, its not heavy at all, and it has an anti-fatigue energizer so it helps to revitalise the skin, making it look refreshed and glowy, it also has an spf 15, which helps with the effects of sun on the skin.
Maybeline Colossal mascara Ive used this mascara for 3 years, its a beauty! This is the normal 100% black version, but when i go on holiday i tend to get the waterproof version (blue packaging) which comes in handy pool side! Nobody likes panda eyes.
Dermalogica climate control lip balm HATE the feeling of dry cracked lips, so i always take Dermalogica climate control lip balm, its intense moisture for the lips, really does the trick! The orange one is just a cheapy primark one, but its fanta flavour and taste amazing, so i couldnt resisit putting it in!
Tangle Teezer This is my baby! I cant pull a brush through my hair. Never have been able to, its naturally curly and too thick, so it becomes a tangled mess of a mane, a couple of years ago my hairdresser convinced me to try a Tangle Teezer, looks a bit like a horse brush, it has soft brisltes so just glides through any condition of hair, if you suffer from tangles, get one! I get frustrated with what sea water and chlorine does to my hair, so this comes in handy after a day at the beach, this is a big one, but id suggest a mini one if you want it specifically for a holiday.
HydraQuench intensive Bi-phase serum & HyrdaQuench cream-gel. These are just some mini testers i have in the salon, the actual sizes are much bigger! Clients always ask me about a good moisturiser for hot climates before going on holiday, and I always recommend this, its a new range from clarins, the serum is like an ultra intense moisturiser that instantly leaves the skin hydrated. I apply the serum in the morning underneath my make-up (if i wear any on holiday) or under sun cream if im not, then at night i apply it and then the HydraQuench cream-gel.
Last but not least.. The bag!

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